Safe and Sustainable

To maintain a safe and sustainable sport environment, it is vital Jersey continues to develop a strong, vibrant and well-supported sports community.

A growing and evolving network of organisations and workforce will be essential if we are to ensure all islanders can play any sport or take part in any physical activity to the extent of their ability and desire.

What are the Safe and Sustainable Quality Standards?

Safe and Sustainable Quality Standards is a framework of minimum expected standards and recommendations for high quality sport and physical activity delivery. The framework has evolved from previous accreditation schemes (such as ClubMark) into a developmental resource with a purpose to promote, improve and enhance the local offer of sport and physical activity for all.

We have purposely moved away from accreditation schemes to avoid the sense and misconception that being safe and sustainable in sport is ever a ‘done’ job. Rather, the Safe and Sustainable Quality Standards are an on-going benchmark for all users of sport to expect and for all providers of sport to aspire to. ​These quality standards are applicable to all clubs, associations, groups and charities who offer sports and physical activity opportunities in Jersey.

Find out more about the eight themes in the Safe and Sustainable Quality Standards framework below:

Safe Sport

Health and Safety

Ensuring all activities take place in a safe environment.

QUALITY STANDARD 1: ​ The organisation complies with legal requirements

QUALITY STANDARD 2: The organisation evidences how it follows NGB or CPSU guidance regarding travel and overnight stays

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Safeguarding and Welfare

Ensuring necessary provision is in place for safeguarding and welfare​.

QUALITY STANDARD 1: The organisation has necessary provision in place for the safeguarding and welfare of its members

QUALITY STANDARD 2: The organisation collects and safely stores all members registration details – to include information on contact details, disability, medical conditions, parental consent(s) and emergency contact information

QUALITY STANDARD 3: The organisation demonstrate how it follows NGB or CPSU guidance regarding photography, mobile phones, social media, and on-island events

QUALITY STANDARD 4: Coaches, volunteers, instructors, Welfare Officers and other officials receive an induction which includes information about safeguarding responsibilities, policy and procedures, and are appropriately trained in Safeguarding and Child Protection

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Qualified Persons

Ensuring the workforce (voluntary and professional) is appropriately qualified, inducted and aware of their responsibilities​.

QUALITY STANDARD 1: All members are appropriately recruited, inducted and provided with updates to procedures as appropriate

QUALITY STANDARD 2: Appropriately trained / qualified workforce that meet minimum standards as set by relevant NGB / World Federation

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Ensuring clear systems are in place to report, manage, and respond to any concerns, issues or poor practice.

QUALITY STANDARD 1: There are clear systems to report, respond and manage safeguarding concerns or allegations of poor practice or abuse

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Sustainable Sport

Insurance and Affiliations​

Ensuring all persons and assets are insured appropriately in line with guidance from the relevant Governing Body​

QUALITY STANDARD 1: The organisation, team or league is affiliated to its NGB / World Federation

QUALITY STANDARD 2: The organisation’s activities, premises and coaches are insured

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Structure and Decision Making

Ensuring all organisations are clearly and transparently governed.

QUALITY STANDARD 1: The organisation can demonstrate how decisions are made, how it operates and how it is managed

QUALITY STANDARD 2: The organisation is governed by a committee who meets regularly, and all decision making is recorded and approved

QUALITY STANDARD 3: The organisation evidences how they currently elect members to their committee

QUALITY STANDARD 4: The organisation creates an inclusive and welcoming environment for all members at all levels

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Financial Assurance​

Ensuring all organisations’ financial positions are transparent and robustly reported​.

QUALITY STANDARD 1: The organisation boasts strong financial assurance and on-going good practice for a sustainable and healthy financial position

QUALITY STANDARD 2: The organisation clearly outlines their financial structure and intentions, abiding by legal and moral requirements as necessary

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Ensuring all those involved in the management of sport are supported and understand their roles and responsibilities​.

QUALITY STANDARD 1: All those involved with the management of the organisation understand their roles, responsibilities and what is expected of them

QUALITY STANDARD 2: Management and volunteers are provided with support and participate in regular training and development

QUALITY STANDARD 3: Conflicts of interest are recognised and managed effectively

QUALITY STANDARD 4: The organisation hosts a diverse committee, where at least three members are unrelated or non-cohabiting

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For a full view of the Safe and Sustainable Quality Standards, you can access the sub-pages via the links above or can see an overview by clicking the downloadable PDF below:


What will safe and sustainable quality standards do?

  • Drive core quality standards through all sport and physical activity provision in Jersey​ to establish an expected level and culture of safe and sustainable sport
  • Enable a platform for growing participation, reach and satisfaction in sport and physical activity for all
  • Create a tangible change in the quality of management, delivery and sustainability for all sport and physical activity in Jersey
  • Drive high quality experiences in sport and physical activity that are tailored to individuals and groups as required
  • Create an environment to reduce the inherent, growing, and challenging inequalities in sport and physical activity that prevent too many of the population from taking part

How will we support you?

  • Resources find example templates, policies and guiding information
  • Training access training, workshops and upskilling opportunities
  • Promotion – showcasing good practice and demonstrating local impact
  • Support and signposting – get in touch with our Sport Team by emailing:


Visit our Resource Bank where you can find a wealth of useful information and resources to help support the operation and development of your local voluntary and professional sports workforce:





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