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We’re proud to be supporting and assisting with the delivery of Jersey’s Primary and Secondary School Sports Events.

Since agreeing a close working partnership with CYPES in 2020, the team at Jersey Sport act as a central point of contact for all school sport events. We’re able to provide support ranging from providing funding, administration, guidance on health and safety matters, to officiating at sports events.

It’s our vision that each school child will have a realistic opportunity to represent their school at a sporting event through the creation and delivery of a diverse and inclusive Sports Events Calendar.

You can view Jersey’s School Sports Events taking place this year in the calendar below:


We adopt a flexible approach to the co-ordination and delivery of School Sports Events. Our core function is to support the delivery of existing events that are run by teachers, whether that be administrative, financial or technical support. We are also available to help set-up and design new additions to the School Sports Events calendar, which is centrally co-ordinated and distributed by Jersey Sport.

We’re delighted to have been able to assist with the delivery of the twice-annual Primary School X-Country event that has been established and delivered by volunteer teachers for well over a decade. For this particular event, we were able to provide volunteer marshals and coaches to assist with the running of the event, whist also providing funding to secure the presence of St John’s Ambulance and G4S to ensure a safe and smooth event for all.

We were also thrilled to have supported Jersey Rugby Club, to design, create and deliver their inaugural ‘Tag Rugby Festival’ in 2022. As a new start-up event, our support consisted of Health and Safety guidance, contact information sharing and officiating at the event.

If your school needs some support with an upcoming School Sport Event you may be planning, please contact our Schools Officer, Chris Riley at:

“With the growing demands on Primary School teachers these days it has been difficult relying on people to help organise and support some of our Primary Sport’s events including the Open Cross Country at Les Quennevais, which takes place in the Autumn and Spring Term, and the Primary Schools Athletics Championships which takes place in May.  Both events involve large numbers of children and have been run for many years by the same group of teachers.  Over the last few years, it has been wonderful to have help from members of Jersey Sport, initially with marshalling duties, but in the last couple of years particularly, they have been involved in the set up and running of both Open Cross-Country events and with the officiating of the Athletics at FB.

Having help from Jersey Sport has taken the pressure of me as an organiser, in knowing that I have support in set up and organisational aspects, such as sourcing marshal help from the secondary schools (Highlands and Grainville), organising traffic and parking support (G4S) and with the help of storing/utilising equipment etc.  Both Chris Riley and Elliot Powell have been involved in the set-up of the cross-country course and they have also been involved in an officiating capacity at the event.  Often Jersey Sport provide additional helpers with set up and officiating on the day.  This event has been running since February 2008 and is an open event, encouraging all runners to take part, no matter what their ability.  Before this was set up, the Primary Schools Cross Country event used to be held at St. Ouen’s Manor and was very much an elite event, where only four boys and four girls from each school could compete and so it was very restrictive.  Now we are seeing over 1,000 competitors each event, which is an amazing achievement.

For the Summer Athletics Championships, over the last couple of years, Jersey Sport have provided plenty of officials to help at the finish line (place judges and timekeepers) or to help run different disciplines, such as throwing, high or long jump.  Their help in these instances has been invaluable, since most primary school teachers are either working with their own groups of children and just about meeting ratios or haven’t got the confidence to be officiating on the finish line.  Having Jersey Sport helping me to organise people on the finish is so useful.  I often rely on the same teachers, who have done it before and know what they are doing, but there are so many jobs to fill on the finish; for example, timekeepers (which no one wants to do), record keepers and place judges, and so any extra help from Chris or Elliot and the Jersey Sport team is fantastic and allows me to do my job of collating results and keeping the event going as planned.  Without their help I think I would be extremely stressed.  The event usually runs smoothly, but that can only be so, if all the people are there as planned and are running all the different aspects of the event in an organised and safe way.

I would like to offer my sincere thanks to Chris, Elliot, and the entire Jersey Sport team for all their support to the Primary Schools Athletics Section and I hope that we will be able to continue to work together for the foreseeable future.”

Natacha Pasquali, Primary Schools Athletics and Cross Country Leader


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