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In Jersey, 81% of children and young people do not meet the World Health Organisation’s guidelines for physical activity. This means 81% of our island’s children are not active enough to have a positive impact on their health and mental/physical wellbeing. The World Health Organisation (WHO) guideline is that children should do 60 minutes of moderate or vigorous physical activity every day.

As part of the Inspiring an Active Jersey Strategy set out by the Government of Jersey, Jersey Sport is now responsible for the provision of physical activity education within eight Government schools including Rouge Bouillon, St Saviour’s, Grands Vaux, Trinity, Grouville, D’Auvergne, Samares and Springfield.

We’re proud to be able to support these schools and provide high quality PE delivery which meets the National Curriculum requirements for children from foundation stage – KS2.

Our school delivery objective is to ensure that young people are receiving a positive experience of PE in their school environment. Our PE team ensure that children are enjoying themselves whilst taking part in the physical activities, and are also improving over time within their PE lessons – which will contribute towards changing the sedentary behaviour of our children and young people, replacing it with healthy and active behaviour in future years.


Our PE Team is known for their professionalism, sporting expertise, experience, and qualifications within Physical Education. The Jersey Sport School PE Programme Team includes, pictured from left to right below: Rob Armstrong (D’Auvergne School), Sam Lee (St Saviours School), Chris Riley (Schools Officer) Harry Lloyd (Trinity School and Grouville School), Antony Harkin (Grands Vaux) and Dylan Buesnel (Springfield School & Samares School).

Outside of delivering our PE, you may recognise our team from leading and delivering our multi-sport holiday camps.


Each year, Jersey Sport conducts Physical Literacy Testing within the eight schools to help identify where physical activity needs to be increased amongst our young people. The testing includes Aerobic 20m Pacer test, Illinois Agility test, Anaerobic 70m Sprint test, Stork Balance test, Sit and Reach Flexibility test, Power, Strength and Hand-eye Co-ordination tests.

During the 2021-22 academic year, the Jersey Sport Team conducted over 900 Physical Literacy tests across seven island primary schools, with two rounds of testing each. During the 2022-23 academic year, the Jersey Sport Physical Literacy Team will conduct over 1400 tests across our eight collaborative Government based primary schools.

This efficient and far-reaching data collection has enabled the organisation to develop an island wide ‘snapshot’ of the islands primary school children’s physical competencies, whilst also identifying schools, children or specific components of fitness that require intervention and attention to improve.


Within the eight schools we deliver Physical Education sessions to, we use this data to highlight common areas for development across each year group, as well as track and highlight improvements in participants, cohorts and schools as a whole. These physical components can then be targeted through specific delivery at the start of each curriculum lesson or through extra-curricular provision. For example, in certain schools, we were able to identify a common trend of below average aerobic scores. Poor aerobic ability can often be linked with high levels of sedentary behaviour and a lack of exposure to cardiovascular based activities such as running, cycling or swimming. As such, in conjunction with the PE Co-ordinator within some schools, a regular daily run club has been established for all year groups.

There are further examples of this targeted approach to physical literacy and competency improvement within schools both in partnership with Jersey Sport and without our assistance. Through our communication of the data with local schools, we have been able to engage in positive discussions with previously more distant schools on how they can implement best practice and instil the culture of a physically active school community.

To find out more about our School PE Programme, please contact us at or 01534 757700


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