Annual Report

Foreword from our Chairman, Phil Austin MBE

I am delighted to present to you Jersey Sport’s Annual Report for 2021, which highlights some of our key achievements, developments and changes across the organisation. As an independent body and charitable organisation, Jersey Sport is proud to serve the island’s sports clubs, organisations, volunteers and individual players at all levels, and to promote active living, sport and physical activity for all. Now in our fifth year, we are incredibly proud of the work our teams have delivered and the programmes, resources and facilities now in place that will have a significant impact on the overall health and well-being of Islanders.

In 2021, our Board of Directors continued to meet regularly, approximately every eight weeks (or less), plus ad-hoc meetings as required. During the year, the Board underwent some changes, with one Director resigning due to family commitments and two more stepping down in December to allow for a phased refresh of the original Board over the next two years. We took this opportunity to review our Board composition, taking into account the available balance of skills, experience and diversity, and made the decision to add to the number of Directors, increasing this by one to eight. I am delighted to welcome the four new Directors to the Board – Claudine Snape, Chris Edmond, Lisa McLauchlan and Martin Holmes – who will begin their term from 1 January 2022, and each of whom brings a wealth of experience and fresh skills to the organisation. I would also like to thank our outgoing Directors for all their hard work, valuable expertise and dedication since Jersey Sport’s inception, for they have significantly contributed to our overall success.

Jersey Sport’s CEO, Catriona McAllister, continues her work alongside the Government of Jersey to improve and create new sports facilities on the island which will support Jersey’s goal in becoming a world leader in active living and sport over the coming years. The Skate Park at Les Quennevais, the Springfield Stadium spectator and internal improvements and the Oakfield Sports Centre’s expansion will all commence construction in 2022. Catriona’s leadership, vision and commitment to providing sport and facilities for all is an integral part of Jersey Sport’s mission.

During 2021, Jersey Sport underwent a period of growth, recruiting new team members who will play vital roles in the expansion of the organisation and in our ability to offer a wider range of services. They will also enable us to continue our vital work to reduce inequality and support all Islanders in accessing affordable sport and physical activity programmes and facilities. These changes will allow us to support sports organisations and clubs in new and exciting ways going forward into 2022.

In closing, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire team at Jersey Sport for their continued commitment to the organisation, which has gone from strength to strength despite the pandemic throughout 2020 and 2021. I would also like to express my sincere thanks to our funders and sponsors, including the Government of Jersey, whose support enables us to continue stretching to reach bold goals for the people of Jersey. The information and statistics that you will see later in this Annual Report are clear evidence of the ongoing hard work and dedication of our teams and we look forward to further growth and development in 2022 and beyond.






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