Foreword from our Interim Chair, Steve Law

I am delighted to present this updated Jersey Sport Strategic Plan for the next three years, one year on from its creation. This plan is designed to provide the Board and the Jersey Sport Team with a framework that underpins and shapes the delivery of our charitable purpose and our company objectives. It also articulates how the organisation plans to deliver against the requirements of our Partnership Agreement with the Government of Jersey, and how the organisation delivers against the updated Ministerial Priorities of the Government of Jersey, our principal stakeholder and funder.

As a registered charity Jersey Sport is committed to delivering the charitable purposes: the advancement of health; and the advancement of public participation in sport. The outcome of the Government of Jersey’s review of sport in Jersey is eagerly anticipated in October 2023 and will likely be used to inform the future strategic direction for both sport in Jersey and potentially the role of Jersey Sport. Digesting recommendations of the report and working in partnership with the Government of Jersey and other key
stakeholders to formulate associated plans and/ or implementation of recommendations will be a key focus of 2024.

Therefore, this strategy maintains focus through until 2026, and no additional year has been included as a rolling strategy. A light-touch review has been undertaken with an anticipated larger review due through 2024 pending the outcome of the review of sport. A key focus of the organisation through 2024 is to fundraise, to deliver the outcomes of this strategy, and in support of the sport and active living sector.

This updated plan sets the introduction of the strategy implementation plan, providing a year-by-year breakdown of how Jersey Sport intends to achieve the outcomes through the lifespan of this strategy, linking together the strategic outcomes and annual business plans. The visions, outcomes, and details in each of the four pillars have been reviewed and updated where necessary to ensure they remain fit for purpose. For example, the School Programmes vision now includes reference to influencing an education system, in place of schools. Delivery of the implementation plans are dependent on levels of available resources and funding and will be updated on an annual basis to reflect this.

Steve Law
Interim Chair, Jersey Sport
October 2023



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