Foreword from our Chairman, Phil Austin MBE

I am delighted to present the Jersey Sport Strategic Plan for the next four years. This plan is designed to provide the Board and the Jersey Sport Team with a framework that underpins and shapes the delivery of our charitable purpose and our company objectives. It also articulates how the organisation plans to deliver against the requirements of our Partnership Agreement with the Government of Jersey, our principal stakeholder and funder.

We have transitioned out of two years of COVID disruption and guided the Jersey Sport Team and the Island’s sporting bodies back to a ‘new normal’, accepting that we and the sporting sector face considerable challenges, heightened by record levels of inflation and skill shortages. As we progress into 2023, we need to ensure, therefore, that Jersey Sport is financially sound and able to operate within its means. With no identified growth or inflationary increases to our core grant from the Government, we need to review our remit, and our priorities and outcomes, and explore opportunities to increase our revenues and to identify areas where efficiencies can be made.

Despite the challenges, the Jersey Sport Team will continue to deliver a wide range of programmes to support islanders to play sport and be regularly active, and to improve people’s health and quality of life. The Board is very proud of the Team’s achievements and is greatly appreciative of the tremendous work they have done over the past five years.

As a registered charity Jersey Sport is committed to delivering the charitable purposes: the advancement of health; and, the advancement of public participation in sport.

Phil Austin MBE
Chairman, Jersey Sport


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