We’re creating a new sporting movement and we want you to
Get Involved!

Sport makes us feel good… we move, we grow, we learn, we escape, we challenge, we celebrate, we commiserate, we push our limits and we come together… all in the name of sport.

We play, we support, we watch, we volunteer, we coach, we officiate. Sport is the ultimate community.

Sport is in Islander’s DNA.

We join in. We jump in, dive in or pitch in.
After a hard day, we breathe in.
Or go all in. We play to fit in, we help to chip in.
We clap the winners and losers in.
We fill in and we muscle in.
On a bad day, or on a good day, we limp in.
We muck in, we tuck in, we quite often rub it in.
Occasionally we give in, or even cave in.
Above all though, we get stuck in.
And afterwards, when we’re done in, we get the drinks in.
Whether you’re a player, a watcher, a helper-outer, a join-inner or a go-it-aloner.

With thanks to The British & Irish Lions for their backing to encourage Islanders to GET INVOLVED.

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There’s a sport on the island for you, so what are you waiting for? Get Involved!