Maintenance of Sports Grounds and Pitches During Lockdown

Thursday 16 April 2020

Are we allowed to undertake maintenance of sports grounds, pitches and lawns during the COVID-19 lockdown?

The impact of not maintaining the outdoor sports facilities could delay the re-introduction of sport when the lockdown is lifted.

There may be increased time and financial costs associated if we do nothing now to ensure that grounds are safe and suitable for sport later. Plus, there could be medium term consequences to winter playing conditions if the appropriate maintenance is not carried out now.

By its very nature, the maintenance of sports grounds is often done in isolation. Careful consideration can be taken to ensure equipment is not transferred between different people. So it may be possible to strictly follow social distancing rules whilst carrying out this work.

Sport and Well-Being

Sport has such a large part to play in the mental and physical wellbeing of islanders, as well as providing regular social opportunities. So we look forward to getting back to playing sport when it is safe to do so.

We all need to be looking after each other right now, protecting our health service and saving lives.

This must come first and we must follow the Government of Jersey’s advice, including social distancing, at all times.


If you have any doubt about being able to 100% follow the guidance below then you should not carry out any maintenance on your sports grounds.

We have sought guidance on the maintenance of outdoor sports grounds, pitches and lawns. Provided the guidance below is followed and social distancing is maintained, sports grounds maintenance may continue.

Although the guidance is largely related to business, you can apply the same rationale to voluntary sports clubs and associations.

Please ensure you adhere to the Government of Jersey’s guidelines on essential and non-essential work for businesses Government of Jersey FAQs for business.

Outdoor Recreation

I run a small business which is not designated as essential, what does this mean for my business?

[clarification, 31/3/20] The aim of the Stay at Home instruction is to drastically reduce the spread of Coronavirus across Jersey, even at the expense of normal working life.

Government’s presumption for all sectors not providing essential goods or services is that all staff will stay at home and, if they can continue to work from their home, will do so. If staff cannot do their job from their home, Government’s presumption is that they will stop working for the whole of the Stay at Home period, and will seek support and advice to minimise the impact of this on their households, their themselves, and their organisations.

Some non-essential businesses may feel that they can continue to operate without spreading Coronavirus. If your business is non-essential and you feel that you could continue, you must:

  • have a maximum of two people together on a business premises or in a team working outside
  • ensure that every member of staff will maintain a distance of two metres from each other and every other person, both while travelling to and from the place of work, and at all times during the course of the work
  • ensure that no member of staff will increase the risk of spreading coronavirus to their household as a result of their work

Advice on the Government of Jersey website: Businesses that can remain open: Non-essential work.

Non-essential work can continue to operate where it does not pose a risk to public health.

Where organisations or individuals can continue to operate based only upon home working, and are not a type of establishment that must close, then they should make this change.

Where individuals work alone outside their own household, and are able to enforce strict social distancing at all times, this work can also continue. (for example, artists working alone in their own studio; individual gardeners, individual tradespeople)

Non-essential workers should not carry documentation asserting that they are engaged in essential work. Police and other enforcement agents will be monitoring for abuse of essential worker status closely.


If you have any questions or wish to discuss anything related to maintenance of grounds or your club/association during this time, please contact James Tilley on 01534 757710 or email:

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