CI team head to Senior European Surfing Championships

Tuesday 3 October 2017

As the Channel Islands Junior team return from Japan, the Senior Team head off for the Senior European Surfing Championships to be held at Bore Beach, Norway from 7th Oct-16th Oct.

The team itself has a blend of experience and youth with all surfers having competed at European, British National and International level.

This is a new location for the Europeans but the team are excited and ready to face whatever is put in front of them. With the increased activity of the Northern Atlantic over the last week the team should expect some decent surf.

European Surfing Federation Website

Channel Island Surfing Federation Team

Men’s Open: Will De Garis and Jake Warr (Guernsey), Gus Brewer (Jersey)

Ladies Open: Laurie McGregor and Charlotte Bayliss (Jersey)

Men’s Longboard: Matt Tweedie (Jersey)

Men’s Bodyboard: Dave Speller (Jersey)

Ladies Bodyboard: Gabs Taylor (Jersey)

Manager: Colin Crowther

Assistant Manager: Clint (Radius) Loake

Logistics: John Harvey

CI Judge: George Solh

The team would like to thank the Jersey Surfboard Club and the Jersey Longboard Riders Association for the financial support they have provided the team, Breda, Madhatter Surf Shop and a special shout out for Jake Powell for supporting the team with funds from the RumbleTree white collar boxing event held at the Watersplash in August.

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