Lindy Hop Jersey

Lindy Hop is one of the original swing dances. It was created by African Americans in the 1920’s and boomed in the 30’s and 40’s, spreading out into the white population.  As music tastes evolved, Jive and Rock ‘n’ Roll dancing evolved out of Lindy Hop, and it probably looks a bit like them to the casual viewer.

Lindy Hop is fun, energetic, and doesn’t take itself too seriously.  Inspired by the Jazz, Big Band, and Rhythm and Blues music that we love, it is a dance where we improvise with our partners and get lost in the rhythms.

As one of my teachers used to say “If you’re not rolling around on the floor giggling at the end of a song, you’re not trying hard enough!”




Beginner, Intermediate, Experienced

Contact Details

Pam Pearce
T: 07797726698


St Matthew's Glass Chiurch Church Hall, Milbrook

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