Jersey Sport Foundation

The Jersey Sport Foundation was founded in April 2014 to support the development of cutting edge performance support environments and pathways in local sport, as well as provide scientific support services to coaches and athletes. The ultimate objective of which is to develop a system of predictable and sustainable performance results from Jersey’s athletes.

The JSF works closely with local sports associations to identify how the JSF can add significant value. Additionally, the JSF aims to enhance delivery  across local athlete pathways through strategic change management and coach education services.

The organisation is passionate about local people and invests heavily in developing local expertise. We believe sport in Jersey is unique and our people must be internationally influenced but locally relevant.

Since our inception the JSF has been fortunate to work with high performing athletes that have a desire to reach the top level in their sports. Over this time we have gown with sports and witnessed countless achievements of athletes, coaches and sports who have been involved in our programmes where the support has added significant value .  Our vision is to continue to invest heavily into exceptional staff and quality programmes that make impact on the local level, helping making winners in sport and life along the way.

The JSF provides support to a large number of local athletes and sports though our Performance Programme, Talent Programme and Consultancy Programme. These programmes incorporate effective performance approaches such as strength and conditioning, sport medicine, physiotherapy, nutrition, lifestyle and psychology, talent detection, talent identification and talent transfer.

Aims of the charity

  • To set the standard in athlete centred and scientifically relevant performance development services in Jersey.
  • To add significant value to local sport associations talent pathways and coaching.
  • To be a catalyst for wider sport system development with a view to enhance sport and physical activity.
  • To support talented athletes and coaches with performance impacting services and educational opportunities.
  • To advocate for performance sport development.

Jersey Sport Foundation


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John Scriven
T: 01534 765265


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