Name: Jay Newton

Age: 25

Length of time worked at Jersey Sport: 2.5 years

What position do you currently hold at Jersey Sport: Physical Literacy Coach

What does your job involve?

I am a part of the Physical Literacy Team delivering PE and Physical Literacy in Plat Douet School. This involves an hour and forty five minutes with each class per week in the school. I also assist with the School Breakfast Club before school, and run a variety of after school clubs such as dodgeball, football and athletics. In addition, I also complete and compile data on each child in KS2. The data is gathered through a variety of physical tests. This data is then used to assess the children to track their progress and attainment.

What made you want to follow a career in sport and physical activity?

I loved sport and physical activity from a young age that has continued throughout my life.

What do you enjoy about your job? What aspects of your job really excite you or give you the most satisfaction?

I enjoy being on my feet and active all day, providing children with a vast array of positive experiences in PE and physical activity.

What specific experience or qualifications do you need to do your job?

Voluntary experience, coaching during holiday camps/clubs is a good start. Then progression onto some Level 1 Coaching Badges really help, but aren’t necessary.

Did you study a degree at university? If yes, what subject did you study and why?

I studied PE and Sports Coaching, then a Primary PGCE.

What sports or physical activity do you take part in regularly? 

The main sport that I play is football, but I play some golf and cricket during the summer.

Why do you think that it’s important for children and young people to try sports at a young age and be regularly active?

It is so important for children and young people to try a variety of sports and to build a lifelong passion and interest in sport and physical activity. This can lead to many positive physical and mental benefits, as well as a fantastic opportunity to make life long friends through sport.

If someone reading this is considering a career (or career change) in sport, what advice would you give them?

Absolutely go for it, you’ll have a chance to impact someone’s life by giving them positive experiences in sport.

Why do you do the job you do?

It gives me a fantastic opportunity to impact someone’s life positively through the medium of sport.


Just for fun

Have you ever competed in sport at a high level?

I represented Jersey U14-U18 level in football.

Who is your sporting hero and why? (Past or present)

Growing up it was Ronaldinho – he performed for a long time at the highest level – always with a smile on his face.


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