Jersey Sport continues to inspire an active Jersey with the launch of new resources to help develop and grow local sports

Tuesday 8 March 2022

It is vital Jersey continues to develop a strong, vibrant and well-supported sports community to maintain a safe and sustainable sports environment.

To support this ambition, Jersey Sport has created a new set of Safe and Sustainable Quality Standards for local sports to aspire to, along with a new comprehensive online Resource Bank to assist the development and growth of local organisations.

Deputy Hugh Raymond, Assistant Minister with responsibility for sport, said, “We are delighted to be launching this valuable resource for all sports to use.  Robust governance and management in sport will build the foundations from which we can continue to grow and develop sporting opportunities on island for all communities and will support our valued volunteers who make sport possible every day.

The new Safe and Sustainable Quality Standards framework for local sports outline the minimum expected standards and recommendations for high quality sport and physical activity delivery. The framework has evolved from previous accreditation schemes into a developmental resource with a purpose to promote, improve and enhance the local offer of sport and physical activity for all islanders. The framework recommendations align and compliment National Governing Body of Sport requirements and promote consistency across all sports at all levels.

The eight themes contained within the Safe and Sustainable Quality Standards framework include the areas of: Health and Safety, Safeguarding and Welfare, Qualified Persons, Reporting, Insurance and Affiliations, Structure and Decision Making, Financial Assurance, and People. These quality standards are applicable to all clubs, associations, groups and charities who offer sports and physical activity opportunities in Jersey. Their aim is to:

  • Drive core quality standards through all sport and physical activity provision in Jersey​ to establish an expected level and culture of safe and sustainable sport
  • Enable a platform for growing participation, reach and satisfaction in sport and physical activity for all
  • Create a tangible change in the quality of management, delivery and sustainability for all sport and physical activity in Jersey
  • Drive high quality experiences in sport and physical activity that are tailored to individuals and groups as required
  • Create an environment to reduce the inherent, growing, and challenging inequalities in sport and physical activity that prevent too many of the population from ‘taking part’

The new online Jersey Sport Resource Bank for local sports provides a wealth of useful information and resources to help support the operation and development of local organisations. Our Sports Development Team have collated a selection of the best digital resources they can find from leading partners, ranging from guiding documents and policies to job descriptions and templates. The Resource Bank content will evolve over time, and we will ensure content is regularly reviewed and kept up to date.

Along with the development of the new quality standards framework and online Resource Bank, the Jersey Sport Team will also deliver a diverse and dynamic annual calendar of training and workshops which align directly to the key areas of the quality standards framework. The team will continue to provide advice, support and signposting for clubs, associations, groups, and sports charities – so that the new framework can be developed and implemented across all sport and physical activity provision in Jersey.

 James Tilley, Head of Sport and Children at Jersey Sport said, “We are delighted to launch our new Safe and Sustainable Quality Standards framework to the local sporting community and have purposely moved away from accreditation schemes, to avoid the sense and misconception that being safe and sustainable in sport is ever a finished job.  Rather, these new Safe and Sustainable Quality Standards will be an on-going benchmark for all users of sport to expect and for all providers of sport to aspire to.  ​With the members of our Sports Development Team and new online Resource Bank, we will continue to inspire an active Jersey and will be SUPPORTIN SPORT every step of the way!

To find out more about the new Safe and Sustainable Quality Standards for sports, please visit:

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