We’re here to help! Sports groups urged to attend Partnership Meetings

Monday 23 July 2018

Jersey Sport is calling on local associations to book in for new Sports Partnership Meetings, to better understand the challenges facing each sport and the opportunities to support development.

We’ve already met a small number of sports groups for the meetings, which also give us a chance to share draft plans for the “Inspiring an active Jersey strategy” and to start formalising our relationships with associations.

We want to meet with every sport in Jersey, irrespective of size!

“Sports Partnership Meetings are a fantastic idea for groups that are relatively new or are struggling to promote a new or unusual sport here in Jersey, such as us with inline hockey,” said local coach Damian Martin.

“They offer the help and guidance to get sports properly structured, as well as important marketing and social media exposure to help you get new members. I would definitely recommend arranging a Sports Partnership Meeting today.”

Inline hockey chairman John Bouteloup added: “As a small club trying to promote inlineskate hockey we found our meeting with Jersey Sport very helpful and are looking forward to partner with them in our future progression.”

The meetings create a forum for discussing how we can support sports, and also to check we are doing what the sports community wants and expects from their independent body.

The discussions so far have been insightful into the challenges and future direction of sports.

Officials are encouraged to contact James Tilley on for more information or to arrange a Partnership Meeting.

See the video below for ways we can work with your association


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