Jersey Sport activities recognised by Childcare and Early Years Service

Wednesday 15 August 2018

Jersey Sport is delighted to have been recognised as a registered childcare provider, highlighting the importance the organisation places on the wellbeing of children, and the thorough policies around safety and safeguarding young people.

The new status also means that parents can now benefit from tax relief on the cost of sending children on some of Jersey Sport’s most popular holiday activity courses.

The relief applies for sessions of two consecutive hours or more for children under the age of 12, and with prices often as low as £3 per hour this new agreement means the activities effectively become even better value for money.

“Parents of children in our care can rest assured not only that they’ll get training from qualified coaches, but also that the right policies and procedures are in place around safeguarding,” said Jersey Sport General Manager David Kennedy.

“We’ve been actively involved in pursuing registration under the conditions of the Daycare of Children (Jersey) Law 2002, working in close partnership with the Childcare and Early Years Service (CEYS). This is now in place and parents can claim a tax certificate for the cost of some childcare services paid for.”

Meanwhile, Jersey Sport is also pleased to announce that families that have previously booked children onto activity sessions this summer can now book online without having to fill in a new application form on each occasion.

“The new web portal will make signing children up to our courses a far more straight-forward and quicker process,” added David Kennedy.

“The system shows which activities still have spaces remaining and allows payment to be taken straight away. For us, this will vastly reduce our admin time in the office.”

Parents still needing their log on details can email

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