Jersey’s first Disability Sports Awareness Day looms

Monday 13 November 2017

Jersey’s first Disability Sports Awareness Day is this coming weekend and coincides with the island’s annual Disability Awards.

The event, on Saturday (18th November), aims to let everyone know what sporting opportunities are on offer for islanders with disabilities.

There’ll be the chance to try different sports and learn about the various groups and sessions, before the awards ceremony later that evening.

Amongst the activities:

  • Wheelchair tennis (Les Ormes, 10.00 until midday)
  • Wheelchair basketball (Les Quennevais, 14.00 until 16.00)
  • Various sports (Bel Royal school, 10.00 until 15.00)

The event manager Paul Deffains told the official JSAD website: “Like any club or association, we are always looking at ways to showcase what we offer, to encourage new membership and to attract volunteers to assist with the running and support of our clubs.

“Whether it be someone looking to give a sport or activity a try, or someone looking to do some voluntary charity work, they are all extremely welcome.”

To find out more, visit the JSAD’s website by clicking here

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