Jersey Sport assist Government of Jersey in fight against COVID-19

Wednesday 3 June 2020

Endeavouring to support the response to the pandemic in any way it can, Jersey Sport is proud of its team who have collectively stepped-up to work flexibly during the challenging circumstances faced. Several members of the Jersey Sport team have been seconded to various roles within the Government of Jersey during the pandemic, to assist with the fight against COVID-19.

Catriona McAllister, CEO at Jersey Sport has been supporting the Contact Tracing team and Cirsty de Gruchy, Head of Move More Jersey has been trained to conduct Antibody Testing and has been working collaboratively with the Physiotherapy teams. Move More Referral Instructors Georgina Connor and Marilee Picot have been working for the Jersey Fire and Rescue Service, and the Jersey Ambulance Service, respectively.

Throughout the pandemic, Jersey Sport has been supporting sports organisations by regularly liaising with the Government of Jersey to understand the impact faced by sports during each new measure introduced, seeking clarity as required, followed by issuing guidance and advice to sports. This work continues as the island moves though the phased approach, to eventually return back to a normal sporting life.

The Jersey Sport team has also contacted a wide range of sports associations by telephone to check how clubs are coping and to offer support where possible, with issues related to rent, employees, grounds maintenance and events.

The Move More Jersey and swimming team have been making regular welfare calls to Move More Referral clients, Pay As You Go customers and Health Walkers. Since March, over 500 people have been contacted weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, depending upon their level of need. The calls provide support for islanders who may be feeling isolated – particularly those people living alone.

Catriona McAllister, CEO at Jersey Sport said, “There have been numerous reports of people saying due to the calls they received from our team, they feel more confident to start exercising at home, or to go for walks. We’ve been able to provide exercise and wellbeing advice, as well as help with other concerns such as organising home food delivery, helping with internet problems and just offering a listening ear to many who would be classified in the ‘vulnerable’ category.”

Besides making welfare calls, the Move More Jersey team host 12 Live Zoom exercise classes per week for their existing clients referred to them by their GP. The team have seen numbers in the live classes grow since they were launched last month.

Since the beginning of the Easter holidays, a team of 17 Jersey Sport staff have supported schools with childcare for the children of essential workers, vulnerable children, and children with special educational needs each week, across 12 local primary schools, during holiday period and term-time.

James Tilley, Head of Sport, Schools and Business explained, “The fine weather has enabled the Jersey Sport team members to utilise their skills by facilitating outdoor activities with the children linked to physical literacy, whilst also helping with arts and crafts activities and supporting standard lessons. Fantastic feedback has been received about the staff assistance from the head teachers in a variety of schools to date.”

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