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Thursday 7 September 2017

Channel Islands Team and Jersey surfer, Aaron Rowe, is making easy pickings of the onshore conditions in Vorupor, Denmark, in the SUP Surfing category. Rowe has blasted his way through Round 1 and 2 in the Men’s division by gaining 1st position in both heats setting himself up for the quarter finals against the world’s best. Rowe continues to impress the judges with his top to bottom combinations with speed, power and flow. Years of surfing a longboard are paying dividends and with the onshore conditions, similar to Jersey’s, Rowe may prove to be the dark horse in the running for the finals. The SUP surf category will be completed today.

Unfortunately Andre le Geyt and Joanne Bennett have been eliminated from the SUP Surf category.

Having moved location from Copenhagen, where the distance racing was competed, the CI Team have excelled in the beach events at Vorupor gaining more valuable points for the overall team position.

Team Manager John Godel is very proud of his team and the effort that that has been put in to actually compete at this level.

The CI Team have one finalist already and that is Jane Davies in the Women’s Prone technical racing. This will be competed on Saturday.

Team CI are currently in 16th position out of 42 Nations.

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