Candidates pledge to support active living in #VoteForSport campaign

Friday 27 April 2018

About a third of Jersey’s election candidates this morning pledged to commit to supporting sport and active living, if successfully elected, as part of the #VoteForSport campaign.

At a breakfast briefing at the Pomme D’Or, Jersey Sport chairman Phil Austin and CEO Catriona McAllister outlined the case for government investment in physical activity.

Meanwhile, around 450 islanders have so far added their voice to calls for the next States assembly to recognise the importance of active living. You can add your name and message to the candidates by clicking here!

“Active populations perform significantly better than ones faced with health issues through inactivity,” said Catriona McAllister, when addressing more than 40 of the candidates standing on May 16th.

“You may give us limited resources, but we need to make sure we’re spending it in the right areas. Collaboration is required, as one government.”

Watch the full Breakfast Briefing presentation

Election candidates have gathered this morning to hear more about our plans to make Jersey one of the most active places in the world. They’ll be asked to sign our pledge board, committing to advocate for sport and active living (if elected)

Posted by Jersey Sport on Friday, April 27, 2018

Watch the candidates sign our #VoteForSport Pledge Board

The following candidates have so far signed our pledge, confirming that they recognise that sport and active living can play a significant role in improving the lives of people in Jersey and is key to achieving the desired outcomes of the “Future Jersey” strategy. They pledged, if elected, to: “advocate for sport and active living”.

  1. Moz Scott
  2. Jason Lagadu
  3. Linda Dodds
  4. Lyndon Farnham
  5. Ian Gorst
  6. Lindsay Ash
  7. Richard Renouf
  8. Anne Southern
  9. Robert Ward
  10. Antony Lewis
  11. Carina Alves
  12. Simon Bree
  13. Monfort Tadier
  14. Mary O’Keeffe
  15. Nigel Philpott
  16. Mary Le Hegarat
  17. Barry Shelton
  18. Inna Gardiner
  19. Juliette Gallichan
  20. Graham Truscott
  21. Bernie Manning
  22. Jacqui Carrel
  23. Geraint Jennings
  24. Richard Buchanan
  25. Kevin Pamplin
  26. Frank Luce
  27. Stevie Ocean
  28. Mary Ayling-Phillip
  29. Hugh Raymond
  30. Steve Pallett
  31. Tracey Vallois
  32. Phil Maguire
  33. Mark Baker
  34. Andrew Le Quesne
  35. David Johnson
  36. Sarah Ferguson
  37. Richard Rondel
  38. Kristina Moore
  39. Judy Martin

Read more about the #VoteForSport campaign

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