Big screen on the Waterfront for England semi-final

Tuesday 10 July 2018

States of Jersey Press Release

A big screen is being brought to Jersey so islanders can watch England play in the semi-finals of the FIFA World Cup. The costs of transporting, erecting and operating the screen have been funded by a combination of public and private funding.

The screen will be erected on Marina Gardens, the green alongside Castle Quay, and Wednesday evening’s event will be delivered by the Parish of St Helier in partnership with 3D Events. This event has been made possible following the combined efforts of Connétable Simon Crowcroft, Senator Steve Pallett and Deputy Kevin Pamplin.

It will be an alcohol-free, family event, with capacity for 2000 people. This means no alcohol will be permitted at the event. There will be food vendors, including ice-cream vans, and security will be provided.

The total cost of bringing the screen, erecting and operating it, will be £9,000. In addition to this, security, sanitation and other support services will be required while the screen is in Jersey.

The costs of supporting the event will be met by a blend of public and private sponsorship, including:

  • £4,000 from the Growth, Housing and Environment Department (formerly Economic Development, Tourism, Sport and Culture)
  • £2,500 from the Jersey Development Company
  • £2,000 from Le Gallais & Luce
  • £2,000 from Tupper Loans
  • £2,000 from Prosperity 24/7
  • £2,000 from the Channel Islands Co-operative Society
  • Municipal services support from the Parish of St Helier

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