Jersey Warriors Dodgeball Club

Jersey Warriors are the first official Dodgeball club to be set up in Jersey! A great achievement that has even recently been recognised by an ITV feature! A  junior club that is based around ‘Empowering, inclusive and competitive’, you can read all about the Jersey Warriors below:

Who set your club up and when was it created?
Planning began in June 2022, the club then officially launched in October 2022; Club Manager and Head Coach, Graeme Fitchett and Club Deputy Manager and Coach, Declan Hill.

Why did you create your club?
We wanted to provide new opportunities in Jersey for sport that were not already as prevalent compared to other sporting opportunities on the Island. Through doing market research it was uncovered that Dodgeball is a sport that people would love to play but do not have many opportunities to do so. Therefore, we took it upon ourselves to rectify this, thus Jersey Warriors Dodgeball was born.

How does it feel to be the first official Dodgeball club in Jersey?
Amazing! We are super thrilled to be the Island’s first official Dodgeball club. Hopefully with the growth and development of the club, we can inspire others around the Island to set up other clubs and really help in growing the sport across the entire Island.

What is your favourite thing about Dodgeball?
As for us coaches, we love the wider benefits the sport brings – empowerment, development, friendships, inclusivity and more. There are many aspects of the game our junior players love about the sport, some of which are – the adrenaline the game brings, dodging and blocking throws, working on reactions and the timing of your reactions, and more.

Tell us about the state of Dodgeball in Jersey
The current landscape of Dodgeball in Jersey was very basic and all focused on children, not adults. The Island offers some opportunities for children to take part in the sport in school during their physical education sessions and some after school clubs. However, they do not all play according to official British Dodgeball rules and regulations. Unfortunately, there are no opportunities for adults to take part regularly in the sport here in Jersey.

How many members do you have?
All our members are aged between 4 and 12 with around 20 members officially registered with Jersey Warriors and British Dodgeball, and around a further 30 participants membered with Jersey Warriors regularly taking part in sessions. We have a good ratio of boys and girls with around 60% boys and 40% girls. Club growth continues to prosper rapidly, so much so that the club has expanded to 2 locations and delivers 5 weekly regular sessions each week.

What type of members would you like to attract?
EVERYONE! Dodgeball is a very inclusive sport and we want as many as possible to enjoy regularly taking part in the sport, children and adults.

What kind of atmosphere is there at the club?
We are all about creating positive environments for every session but predominantly centre around healthy competition, social cohesion and individual development.

Who runs the sessions and coaches?
So far all management of the club and the delivery of club sessions are done by just Graeme Fitchett and Declan Hill. However, with the continued rapid growth we are starting to expand our team to which we have just welcomed our first voluntary coach Adam Horner, with more hopefully soon to come.

Where do you hope to see your club in the next 5 years?
We have 4 big aspirations for the next 5 years:

  1. To continue to grow and strengthen the number of our junior squads
  2. Set up and grow adult Dodgeball squads
  3. Host and manage local Dodgeball competitions for both junior squads and adult squads
  4. Take our junior and adult squads to the UK to take part in festivals and tournaments

To find out more email or you can whatsapp us on 07829998300




Beginner, Intermediate, Experienced

Contact Details

Graeme Fitchett
T: 07829998300


32 Woodville Apartments, St. Saviours Road, St. Helier, St. Saviours Road
St. Saviours Road

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