Jersey Tai Chi Foundation

People have various reasons for practising, some are listed below:

  • Increased self knowledge and awareness
  • Developing mind/body harmony
  • Improving health
  • Learning to become more balanced and centred
  • Assisting regeneration of the body and injuries
  • Increasing available energy and movement of energy to stimulate and heal
  • Joining in a group practice
  • As a moving meditation
  • Increasing ability to communicating with others
  • Improved sports performance
  • Self defence martial arts applications
  • And more….

In fact there are probably an infinite number of reasons why people practice Tai Chi. It is almost inherent in the philosophy that each individual find his own way. It is through the practices and the forms that we are enabled to find our own “Tao” (Way) – which cannot be spoken of and has no name. So in Tai Chi we do in order to experience.


Jersey Tai Chi Foundation – Classes

Plat Douet School:    Mon & Wed evenings – Tel. Steve Renouf 07797 739430

St Brelade:    Monday afternoons – Tel. Alison Taylor 07797 748431

St Brelade:    Friday afternoons – Tel. Steve Romeril 07797 796218


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Steve Renouf
T: 07797 739430

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