Girls That Row

Girls That Row, (GTR) is an all female coastal rowing team from Jersey. What started out as a fun idea in late 2021 has since blossomed, aiming to spread awareness around coastal rowing and encourage more women to participate in sports, particularly rowing.

In 2022, our greatest achievements came when we placed 5th in the British Rowing Coastal Championships and 8th in the European Rowing Coastal Championships, we were also shortlisted by British Rowing as Club Crew of the year.

During the winter break we worked harder than ever and in 2023 won gold medals in our class at the Welsh and British Rowing Coastal Championships and also competed at the European and World Rowing Coastal Championships, placing 17th in the world.

An average training week for us would be to train on the water or on a rowing machine 4 times a week plus attend one strength & conditioning session with Strive Academy a week. Other members of the team then would do other training or fitness activities on top of that.

If you’re a rowing enthusiast or just a fan of driven women, join us on this adventure. We’re here to inspire, empower and row!

Girls That Row is part of the Jersey Rowing Club.

Anyone can join the Rowing Club, regardless of age, skills or fitness. Jersey Rowing Club offer ‘have a go rows’ in March and November, so people can try it out outside of the season.

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