Empire Skating Club

We’re a friendly roller-skating club on the beautiful island of Jersey in the Channel Islands.

You can think of artistic roller skating as a bit like figure skating, but instead of ice skates, we use roller skates with four wheels (also known as quad skates)

Our goal at Empire Skating Club is to create a safe and professional place for those who want to learn artistic roller skating. As you practice and get better, you will get opportunities to compete in local, UK friendly competitions and even UK National competitions.

Here at Empire Skating Club we focus primarily on the following;

  • Solo Dance
  • Free Skating
  • Figures

For Artistic Roller Skating we only use classic quad skates (the ones with four wheels that keep the fun rolling!) and offer rented skates to those who do not have their own.

Whether you’re just starting or have been skating for a while, we’re here to ensure you have a great time, stay safe and are welcomed as part of our team at Empire Skating Club.

Join us today and let’s have some fun on wheels!




Beginner, Intermediate, Experienced

Contact Details

Becca & Beth


Fort Regent

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