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Street Angels  Street Dance and Art Club

Street Dance
Your child will have fun, learn new dance skills and gain confidence. The dance routines learnt will be used at events and will showcase how great dancing can be. In the past we have showcased our skills events such as Jersey’s Kids Got Talent, Jersey Live, Folklore, Weekender and Charity Fun Days.Art Club
Our Art Club sessions provide a wide range of creative channels for your child to learn and enjoy. During the sessions children will learn how to spray paint, make stencils, create t-shirt art, recycle old materials to make art, air brushing and on top of all that, we also offer stop motion animation workshops, including a range of different styles such as Claymation, Cutout Animation, Model Animation, Object Animation and Pixilation. We will also be taking on lots of other mediums of art such as acrylic painting, 3D sculpting, drawing, photography, digital drawing and much more.

Gaz (Graeme) started Street Angels in 2015 after he qualified as a Dance Teacher with the International Dance Teachers Association.




Beginner, Intermediate, Experienced

Contact Details

Graeme Fitchett
T: 07829998300


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