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Safeguarding and Protecting Children in Sport


This course aims to raise awareness and understanding of safeguarding and protecting children and ‘at risk’ individuals in sport.

About this event

This workshop, is designed to safeguard and protect children and ‘at risk’ individuals in sport. The course is UK Coaching accredited, delivered face-to-face by Jersey Sport tutors. The Jersey-specific referral system will be included.


This course is intended for anyone who offers sport or physical activity provision for children and/or ‘at risk’ individuals in a professional or voluntary capacity.

Please note: you must be a current resident of Jersey to access our training and workshops.


The aim of this course is to raise participant’s awareness of the risks to children and ‘at risk’ individuals through abuse, and for them to gain an understanding of their role and responsibility in safeguarding.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course the participants should be able to:

– Understand what is meant by the terms ‘Safeguarding’ and ‘Child Protection’

– Reflect upon how society’s beliefs, values and attitudes towards children and child abuse have changed over time

– Recognise different kinds of abuse as well as their signs and indicators

– Identify barriers to safeguarding children, young people and vulnerable individuals

– Respond effectively to concerns about the safety and welfare of a child and/or ‘at risk’ individual, following their own agency and relevant safeguarding policies

– Follow reporting procedures in line with recommendations from local services to Jersey and a sport’s National Governing Body or World Federation.

On-going Support

Sports organisations have a responsibility to ensure all children, adults and ‘at risk’ individuals are appropriately safeguarded. As part of this, appropriate policies, procedures, training and support should be in place.

Jersey Sport are here to support local sports organisations in implementing good safeguarding and governance practices. For guidance, get in touch with our Sports Team at and take a look at our quality standards and recommendations online via the Safe and Sustainable Sport webpage:

Additional Learning

Jersey Sport also deliver UK Coaching’s ‘Time to Listen’ workshop in partnership with the NSPCC and CPSU. Whilst this training is designed predominately for Welfare Officers and Safeguarding Leads, it is open to anybody who would like to advance their safeguarding knowledge and understanding. Therefore, the ‘Time to Listen’ workshops is recommended for all Welfare Officers, Committee Members, Coaches and Officials. For details of all our upcoming workshops, please visit:



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