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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion for Sport and Physical Activity


This workshop has been postponed to 9 March 2023 

Sponsored by Intertrust Group and developed in partnership with Liberate Jersey, this workshop promotes diversity, inclusion and equality in sport and physical activity.

About this Workshop: 

Sport and physical activity have the power to unite people, but it can also become the environment where individuals allow feelings of hate and prejudice to prevail. Why does sport have these problems? Is it unique to sport or part of being human? And what can we do about it as leaders in our sports organisations, or in the moment as officials, coaches, volunteers or participants to promote positive change?

We’ve partnered with Liberate Jersey deliver this two-hour workshop for the sports community to take a look at issues of Diversity, Inclusion, Fairness, Equality, Respect and Acceptance within sport and physical activity.

Learning Outcomes:

• Why ‘DIFERA’ matters in sport and physical activity

• What respect looks like

• Why inclusion can be so difficult for us as human beings

• How to challenge prejudice

• Applying reasonable adjustments



06:00pm - 08:00pm

06:00pm - 08:00pm


Jersey Public Library

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