CI Lottery Funding a huge boost for local sports clubs and organisations

By Catriona McAllister, CEO, Jersey Sport


The Sport and Active Lifestyles Lottery Fund is an exciting development that will allow more people in Jersey to become engaged in sport or to become physically active for life.

The fund, which is managed by the Jersey Community Foundation (JCF), provides local not-for-profit sports organisations and community-based projects the opportunity to bid for funds that will promote sport and wellbeing across all demographics in the island.

It’s an exciting time as sport has previously been unable to access lottery funding (unless they were a registered charity) and there has been little in the way of grants available for sport and active living. Our post-COVID sporting landscape is starting to gather momentum and focus as we all come together with the joint mission of creating a healthier, happier and more active population.

Through this funding, sports bodies and community groups have the opportunity to take forward projects that previously have not been possible due to funding, as well as specifically targeting those people who currently are the least active, including minority groups, those on low income and those with a life limiting condition.

This is a time for innovation. A time for better coaching, better facilities and the introduction of specialist activities and sports. We need a better balance of sports across the island, to include locations that are currently under-serviced for a growing population.

In the UK, the lottery funding started to incorporate sports and community based physical activity projects around 20 years ago, so it’s a very important step for Jersey to begin including this vitally important sector of the economy and island life.

As CEO of Jersey Sport, I am delighted that we are playing an active role in supporting the delivery of the Inspiring an Active Jersey strategy as well as supporting applications for the JCF Sport and Active Lifestyles Lottery Fund. I am excited by the prospect of more people having access to sport and local projects that will allow them to enjoy the benefits of sport and regular activity. I will be thrilled to see financial support for new projects that create an impact on young people’s lives and social development.

It is important that these funds can support the many clubs and associations that are the life blood of sport in Jersey. I believe that our island would benefit hugely from more recreational sports programmes – those with less structure than a sports club that allow people of all ages to simply turn up and play. Pop-up events and regular ‘pay and play’ sports such as touch rugby or softball would be a great benefit to the island and would, I’ve no doubt, become incredibly popular.

In addition to sporting projects, the fund will help to get new community projects off the ground – so if you’ve got a great idea but simply lack funding, now is the time to create your proposal and apply for funding, before 30 May 20201. With two funding options available – one for small grants of up to £5000 and large development awards of between £5000 and £50,000 – there really is a whole host of opportunities for not-for-profit organisations, projects and groups.

Whilst the majority of us never win any big prizes on the Channel Islands Lottery, we can at least feel inspired that the proceeds of our ticket purchases are going to sport and physical activity projects that will Inspire an Active Jersey.

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