Name: Laura Riley

Age: 32

Length of time worked at Jersey Sport: Since Jersey Sport was formed, so 3 ½ years

What position do you currently hold at Jersey Sport: Cycle Training & School Events Officer

What does your job involve?

Cycle Training

  • School Cycling – We run BikeAbility Level 1 and 2 sessions, to children in years 5 and 6 in primary schools across the island.
  • Ready, Set, Ride – In the colder months we run Ready, Set, Ride sessions to KS1 children using balance bikes within primary schools.
  • Cycle Without Limits – We have recently purchased 17 specially adapted bikes that we use to run an inclusive cycle centre. The centre aims to create an environment where adults and children with a disability, or mobility restriction, can enjoy riding a wide range of specially adapted bikes in a fun safe environment. We will be working with many different groups such as Mont ‘A’ Labbe, Mencap, Autism Jersey, Alzheimer’s and many more.
  • Holiday Programmes – We run a variety of holiday programmes to a range of different groups, including adults and children, beginners and confident riders, and sessions just for fun.
  • Learn to Ride Sessions- We run sessions for beginners (adults/teenagers) to teach them how to ride a bike, these sessions are designed to give riders confidence to ride on their own and some will then move to our HSBC Breeze Jersey programme.
  • HSBC Let’s Ride Events – We run HSBC Let’s Ride pop up events once a month. Each pop-up provides a safe and friendly space to enjoy cycling. There is something for everyone to enjoy at this small cycling festival.


We coordinate and deliver ‘mass-participation’ sporting events in the Primary and Secondary school calendars, working with Primary and Secondary School Sports Associations. This  includes events such as athletics and cross country.

What made you want to follow a career in sport and physical activity?

I have always been involved in sport from a very young age, participating in as many different sports as possible and generally living an active outdoor life. During secondary school, I continued to play a variety of sports and began coaching as a volunteer in a primary school at 16. Since then, my passion for helping others lead an active and healthy lifestyle became something I wanted to do full time.

What do you enjoy about your job? What aspects of your job really excite you or give you the most satisfaction?

I love teaching children new things and watching them improve and feel like they have succeeded or achieved something. I also love the inclusive cycle centre sessions, giving everyone an equal opportunity to learn to ride. The enjoyment and excitement on their faces is extremely rewarding and it makes me feel proud to be a part of such a great programme.

Did you study a degree at university? 

No, I didn’t not study at university, instead I went to an intense college in Spain to become a personal trainer. From there, I travelled around a variety of places and lived in America for 2 years working as a football coach, in between working for Sports Development.

What sports or physical activity do you take part in regularly? 

I play football regularly and enjoy a lot of walking with my young son.

Why do you think that it’s important for children and young people to try sports at a young age and be regularly active? 

Children need to be active to promote their healthy growth and development. Children who establish healthy lifestyle patterns at a young age are much more likely to carry them and their benefits forward into adulthood.

If someone reading this is considering a career (or career change) in sport, what advice would you give them?

Definitely do it! A job in sport gives you the opportunity to have a big impact on others’ lives and really make a difference. If you want a job that is really rewarding, a job in sport is the place to be!

Why do you do the job you do?    

To help change or impact other people’s lives, whether that be just giving someone an opportunity to try something new, teaching someone a new skill, or being a role model.


Just for fun

Have you ever competed in sport at a high level? 

I played football for Jersey Ladies for many years and have competed in Murattis and the Island Games in Jersey, Aland and Rhodes.

What sports accolades do you have? 

I have won numerous medals and trophies within football. The latest one being the Channel Island Woman’s League Champions for St Lawrence FC.

Who is your sporting hero and why? (Past or present)

I wouldn’t say I have a sporting hero as such, but I always looked up to my brother as a child and he inspired me to take part in sport, so I guess I would say my brother.


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