Channel Islands Pride


Pride is for everyone who believes in equality and diversity

It starts with the LGBTQ community and extends to our families, friends, allies, supporters, work colleagues – anyone, in fact, who believes in equality and diversity.

Pride is fun

It is a day in the year where you get the chance to celebrate being you! Laugh, dance, party and have a grand day out surrounded by people who are also there to have fun.

Pride is noisy

Everyone is encouraged to make some noise to show their support for equality. If you are anywhere along the parade route expect whistles, drums and lots of noise.

Pride is popular

Who doesn’t like a party? Expect a lot of people.  You should try to get to the start of the parade in plenty of time. At points, where the parade route narrows, you may be in close proximity to others.

This year, Pride takes place on Saturday 11 September.

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Suitable For: Adults, Children, Disabilities


All day


St Helier

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