Outcomes & Ambitions
Move More People


Sport and active living will have a positive impact on individuals through the provision of programmes which target the least active by providing greater support and breaking down barriers.  Population-wide inspirational and innovative programmes for children, adults and families that create the habit of being active and make it the social norm.


49% of adults in Jersey do not do enough physical activity in a typical week to benefit their health (4).  Change is needed at a population level. Influencing social norms to make physical activity more acceptable is a key aspect of population-level change (5). Tackling the least active is one of the main principles of this strategy.  The opportunities to be active must be equitable and easy to access for all islanders.  Targeted programmes provide greater support for individuals with specific needs and barriers to physical activity. 

Move More Promotion

Inspiring health promotion campaigns, events and initiatives that promote the benefits of being active and make it the social norm to be active.

The Delivery

Move More Prevention

Through the benefits and power of sport and active living, working in partnership with agencies such as the probation service, police, education and the voluntary and community sector, individuals will be supported to make positive life changes.

The Delivery

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