Outcomes & Ambitions
Move More Outside


An island that encourages activity through parks, beaches, paths and play areas designed with activity in mind.


Open spaces, including parks and beaches, provide key opportunities for healthy activity. There is a positive relationship between quality and location of green space and participation in physical activity (11). The Island Plan has a vital role to play in preserving open space and ensuring development considers spacial planning that values and encourages active choices.


Investment in excellent play facilities within a 10-minute walk time of urban areas and a 10-minute drive time from rural areas. Active travel routes to all play, parks and beaches.

The Delivery

Open Spaces

Open spaces strategy created and implemented to preserve and promote Jersey’s beaches and parks as places to be active.

The Delivery


An investment strategy to extend the path network and upgrade the coastal paths to allow better linkage and multiple use.

The Delivery

11. 8. Abdin S, Welch RK, Byron-Daniel J, et al. The effectiveness of physical activity interventions in improving well-being across office-based workplace settings: a systematic review.